Bears vs Babies arrived! #bearsvsbabies

Friday, my order of Bears vs Babies finally arrived. Jackson misremembered the game’s name as “Robots vs Babies” but he’s been asking me steadily about it since I first told him that I backed the Kickstarter. This is what it looked like fresh out of the shipping box:

It even came with a bonus backer card and a thank you note. Here’s the bonus card:

And here’s the thank you note:

And here’s everything that came in the box:

Jackson and I played a round of it Friday after I was finished with work and had a good time. He won. It’s a fun, ridiculous game that was easy enough to pick up and had pretty fast gameplay.

Saturday, Jackson just got the cards out and started making crazy monsters for fun, like the cards were the dream answer to his thoughts about building monsters from scratch. (He and Darcy are both very fascinated with drawing, creating stories about, running from, and pretending that they are monsters.

I highly recommend it. I also got a customized form letter comic as part of my receipt, which I won’t share here, b/c I’m too lazy to photoshop out my address. But that was a very nice touch.

UPDATE: with corrected pictures.

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Kristin as Beyonce

Because she insisted I do this for her:

Kristin posing as Beyonce

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Replaced the gas cylinder in my Aeron and now it’s working like new

So I’ve had an Aeron chair for my home office for well over a decade and it’s been a great chair, but recently it started just sort of sinking from time to time. Turns out the hydraulic gas piston was giving out. So I ordered this replacement piston for $20 off of Amazon:

It came yesterday, and I found myself watching a multitude of videos on YouTube to try to determine how to remove the old cylinder, which after 10 years of my heavy ass sitting in it, was firmly in place. Turns out all I had to do was load the bugger up with WD-40 and let is sit over night. This morning, I took the pipe wrench to the thing and with a few twists it was free. Then rubber mallet to the bottom to remove it from the base. I slid the new one in, turned the chair back upright sat down and pffffffffffffff

It immediately deflated. I thought the new cylinder was defective at first and began a return for it, but then I noticed that the button on this model was a little taller than the one that I’d just removed. Popped the base of the seat off, loosened the little button depressor with an Allen wrench, and voila!

I put the seat base back on, sat down, and found my old chair sitting firm and tall like it used to back when I first bought it. Not too shabby for $20.

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Body & mind hacking

So as someone who used to help run Hackaday when it was under Mahalo’s wing, led Chaotic Moon’s Labs where we did innovative combinations of technology to think about existing technology in new ways, and contributed to and authored my own O’Reilly hacks book, I have mixed feelings about how the term “hacking” is applied currently across a large stretch of non-technological topics.

However, recently, I’ve been reading up on the science behind and trying out a few of the things that are currently categorized popularly as “body hacking” and “mind hacking.”

Several weeks ago, I began attempting to adopt intermittent fasting, after reading several blog posts about it that then led me to actually read some of the research behind it. Basically, I try not to eat any food between 6pm at night at 10am the next morning, compressing all my active intake of food to an 8 hour window. This is extremely hard to do, I’m only about a month into the experiment, and so far, I’ve been forced to break this several times due to social obligations, and broken it myself due to it being difficult. So I don’t think all my organs have had a chance to sync up all their internal clocks for me to see the best results from this, although I am still trying. We’ll see if I get better at it. I’d love to hear what others who have tried it have experienced.

Last night, I ended up watching this TED talk featuring Wim Hoff:

Then I watched some more videos on Wim Hof, his breathing method, and then bought Scott Carney’s book on Wim which I started reading last night on my Kindle. It’s all very interesting. I just practiced my first attempt at his breathing method this morning, so we’ll see how it goes. It felt relaxing for sure, but way too early to tell if it really works or not. I’d love to hear from others who have tried this, gave up, think it’s horrible, or swear by it.

In any case, I’m experimenting a bit with these things as I get older and get tired of always having colds and allergies. We’ll see what happens.

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How to use pictures of The MET’s over 200,000 public domain artworks for free

Go here and make sure the Public Domain Artworks filter is selected. Done.

The instructions for doing this are here.

That page is linked to from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s press release about the images being available for use.

I found the press release via this Engadget post about the news (that doesn’t discuss how to actually go about getting the images at all).

The article and the press release both indicate that there are over 375,000 images available, so I find it odd that when you actually drill down to the collection (the link that I began this post with) and you filter by Public Domain, there are only “200,128 results out of 441,174 records” available, which smells like some press release inflation to me and some lack of diligence by everyone ingesting & regurgitating the press release.

However, more importantly to me, one of the people who first got paid for blogging on this here internets (back in my day…), I find it supremely irritating that in the spirit of keeping the reader’s eyes on our ads and on our site, there is no clear, easy to find path to find out exactly how to use these images in Engadget or any other “news coverage” of this that I’ve seen. Everyone just lazily throws it out there without any useful linking as if it were a newspaper, and that, my friends, is why blogging has become more marginalized and less powerful. We gave up our super-powers for ad money. #seewhatididthere

Comedy and Tragedy Artist: Anne Louis Girodet-Trioson (French, Montargis 1767–1824 Paris) Date: 1814 Medium: Black chalk and stumping Dimensions: 9 1/4 x 12 1/2 in. (23.5 x 31.8 cm) Classification: Drawings Credit Line: Karen B. Cohen Fund, 2003 Accession Number: 2003.5

Comedy and Tragedy
Anne Louis Girodet-Trioson (French, Montargis 1767–1824 Paris)
Black chalk and stumping
9 1/4 x 12 1/2 in. (23.5 x 31.8 cm)
Credit Line:
Karen B. Cohen Fund, 2003
Accession Number:

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Texas Weather

Has weather in Texas always consisted of huge 30-50 degree swings one direction or another in a single day? Have storms always blown through like an apocalypse train? Or is this some newer tendency thanks to global warming and air streams shifting? I’ve wondered this since I moved here. I like that it’s generally warmer overall. I like that there are still seasons, although it would be nice for the kids for there to be a few days of snow somewhere in it all. My sinuses, however, don’t much like yesterdays that were bumping up against 80 degrees Fahrenheit and todays that are in the 30s.

UPDATE: It looks like it’s not just Texas…

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Superb Owl Sportsball

SuperB Owl is one of the common typo search terms each year during the Super Bowl. Sportsball is what Kristin and I call all forms of sports in America, because neither of us particularly care for spectator sports and are somewhat unsure how to respond to how fervently all our friends, neighbors, and family get into sportsball. The level of passion and group superstitions surrounding it is so incredibly high for something that ultimately you as an individual have absolutely nothing to do with. It’s very non-interactive, but people treat it as if it is interactive. I didn’t even know who was playing (other than Lady Gaga) last night until we showed up to the party at Maggie & Joel’s.

I think this tweet sums up my thoughts on the event nicely.

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