I used to blog. Regularly. Like every day regularly. And it was fun.

Then, I used to blog. Professionally. Like I was paid actual USD to blog, first by Apple Matters, then Weblogs, Inc., and then by AOL. It was fun then too, but the blogging that wasn’t for money became and felt more like work than the work blogging.

Somewhere along the road, I started tweeting more than blogging, and the core of what I do for work became less about me and my opinions online, and more about building and growing teams of people to help tackle cool problems through software.

I currently work for Hypergiant.

I am a father to two wonderful fun kids, married to a wonderfully fun wife, have three fun crazy pet pugs, and one crazy pet Eclectus parrot, all living together in Dallas, Texas.

I quit Facebook years ago and am happier for it. You should do the same.

I still Instagram, but now that it says “from Facebook” when I launch the app on my phone, I think about quitting it almost daily. Maybe I should, but until I do, you’ll find copious pics of my kids, a few pics of me and my wife, and a lot of videos of my latest obsessions, eurorack synthesizer-based music and some random artwork from time to time.

I quit Instagram and am happier for it. You should do the same. I still post pictures to Flickr and Twitter.

UPDATE: 2021: I have rejoined Instagram but only for my music, not for personal use. I only follow other eurorack synth enthusiasts and am happier for it.

If you are a human who needs to reach me, you can email me ck at sampletheweb dot com forever. Please don’t spam me.