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So I bought a mechanical keyboard *clickety clackity*

So after several months of noticing one of my coworkers, Alex, using a Das Keyboard at work, and needing a basic USB connected keyboard that I can switch back and forth between my personal computer (Microsoft Surface Book that I use for things like writing on this blog, creating music in Ableton Live, and drawing doodles and comics in various art programs) and my work computer in my home office, I decided it was time to grab a clickety clackity mechanical keyboard. #oldschool

New mechanical keyboard clickity clacking all day long

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At first, I was looking at ridiculously priced options like the Das Keyboard line of mechanicals, but ultimately I ended up grabbing the “budget” AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard for about $60. I’ve had it for about a week now and am loving it so far. It’s very loud when I type, which I have found has the added benefit of forcing me to pay attention to people when I’m dialed in to meetings. I’m finding myself less often getting pulled into “Oh, I’ll just reply quickly to this Slack someone just sent me” while I’m having a conversation with a coworker via Hangouts. That’s a definite positive. Also, the RGB functionality of this keyboard is cool. There are several different default settings you can toggle through. I currently have it set to trigger a rainbow pulse of light from each key as it is pressed that spreads out across the keyboard as if you’ve just caused a ripple in a stagnant pool of water. Neat. Also, you can program the keys individually via the keyboard itself, although I have yet to figure out exactly how to do that following the somewhat sparse instructions in the manual that came with the AUKEY.

One other cool thing: I think this is the first time I have used an actual full-sized keyboard in over a decade, but hello highly useful dedicated number keypad! I love you.

Here’s a relatively okay video overview of the AUKEY that I found in a few minutes of searching YouTube, because I’m too lazy and beleaguered with kids to actually attempt recording something to share with you: