Something horrible happened Monday night. I was preparing to leave work, packing up my laptop and iPad, and I couldn’t find my Kindle. I was planning on reading some on the train home, and the Kindle wasn’t in the sleeve that I use for it and my iPad (where it usually is). I found it instead, in another compartment of my messenger bag. It wasn’t anyplace where it really should have suffered any damage, but nevertheless, when I removed it from the bag and looked at the screen, there were three rather noticeable, for lack of a better term, e-ink splotches on the screen. I tried turning the page several times. Turning it on and off. No matter what I did, the splotches remained. And there was no physical damage to the actual screen (no scratches or visible marks on the surface). My heart sank, because I’ve only had the Kindle 3 for a handful of months and I’ve been loving it (much better display than my old Kindle 2). I was immediately dreading having to read on it and always have those 3 indelible marks on it, constantly slightly distracting me.

Bye bye old Kindle 3

I immediately logged into my Amazon account and looked up the warranty information. It said there was a one year warranty and they provided an actual phone number to contact them. I called it. Someone answered in less than a minute and I explained exactly what happened. He took a minute to look at my account and then said “We’ll overnight you a new one.” I’m sure seeing that I’m a good customer motivated them to replace the Kindle, but overnighting it was not something I was expecting. It arrived yesterday. I just finished moving all my content over to the new one and wiping and unregistering the old one, which I will be sending back to Amazon tomorrow.

This is customer service above and beyond. Thank you, Amazon.