Some characters I'm working on

So, I have started working on a comic featuring the two guys drawn above. The angry looking one in the upper left of the picture is named Bosh. He’s the half-rabbit half-human demigod (and therefore immortal) bastard child of the Easter Bunny (aka Eostre) and he’s basically chaotic neutral, if not extremely so. The second character is either Bill or Bilge or Bill G. (just some wordplay on Bosh and Bilge), but I’m not sold on that name and would love some input from others on what they think he should be named. I’m not sure what he is (maybe half-man / half-dog but I’m leaning more towards a random forest animal that has mutated). I’d rather this character be the more human, mortal, and cheery, somewhat goofy good character that most readers will identify with (and he’s to be more neutral good like Spider-man, but goofier).

These guys are destined to be an archetypal pairing based on odd couples like Mercier & Camier, Vladimir & Estragon, C3PO & R2D2, Tahei & Matashichi, Laurel & Hardy , etc. with Bosh bordering on becoming sinister like Loki and Bill, or whatever his name will be, bordering on becoming more saintly (and always on the edge of sacrifice) like Baldur. I have already written their initial meeting origin story in rough, and will be drawing that story soon and posting it somewhere.

But if any of you happen to read this and think it interesting, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these characters either on Flickr or in the comments below. I am especially interested in thoughts on the name for the second character.

I have a plan for these fellows to be the characters in a serialized epic adventure featuring the both of them over time, rather than simply doing a comic strip type format, which I realize I’m not really that good at.

Also, I won’t be posting as much of this type of thing here in the near future. I’ll be moving this comic to its own site when it’s more developed and I’ll also be moving most of my personal stuff over to (once I get the site built up over there). This will become more of a blog about online and tech things.