I‘ve avoided jumping into the maelstrom of rumor-mongering that has exploded around the reported iSlate tablet-esque computer that Apple supposedly will be announcing on January 27th, mostly because the lion’s share of that “reporting” has been totally ridiculous, but also because I happen to have a source who has given me what I believe to be some legitimate information on what will be announced. I promised my source that I wouldn’t share this information publicly in writing. So I won’t.

However, the artwork accompanying the invitations to Apple’s special event that just went out today has me hopeful about a few details that I have no information about. I’m hoping that the popularity of many of the drawing applications on the iPhone / iPod touch, like Colors!, Brushes, Layers, and SketchBook Mobile, and all the noise that was made about a cover of the New Yorker being painted on the iPhone made Apple start thinking about how many creative people or people who want to be creative use Apple devices.

I’m hoping that all those spray-painted colors on the invitation parallel Apple’s awareness of this simple fact. I’m hoping that the devices that are announced on the 27th have a bit more power than just an iPhone on steroids. I’m hoping that in the same way the iLife suite has tried to simplify dealing with photos and videos on your computer, these new devices will come with some new software that makes doing things like drawing and painting on the computer more human.

I have no evidence that this is what will happen at January 27th’s announcement, but with this invitation, I have hope.