I’m shocked to say this, but I agree 100% with Valleywag’s take on this scenario:

Only now, amid executive turnover at Google China and a continued failure to best their state-sponsored competitor there, and after Chinese hackers have endangered the company’s interests globally, does Google get firm on the issue of human rights. It’s a clever way to dress up a security breach — and an embarrassing attempt to partner with China’s authoritarian leaders — as an act of nobility and courage.”

Shame on Google for going into business and accepting such censorship in the first place. Shame on Google for being participant in China’s evil for the past several years for profit. Shame on Google for spinning their current move as a noble one.

Shame on everyone else who applauds Google’s actions in this. You’re just encouraging Google to do more evil and continue to hide it behind PR stunts.

Also, this amount of coverage of the news with very few sane people pointing out that Google has been profitting from Chinese censorship for the past several years is a ludicrous amount of coverage. You’d think that the Apple iSlate had been announced; not that a company is backtracking on a mistake it made years ago.

What should Google do? Donating all their profits from to humanitarian rights organizations in China would be a start.

One thought on “After years of being participant in Chinese censorship, Google stops participating due to security breaches, and the entire internet praises Google for the move?

  1. Sounds like pretty simple business and politics to me. China takes issues on sovereignty more seriously than most countries, so if google comes in guns blazing, good luck getting in at all. By censoring and getting into china in the first, it set up google to make a move like this. The hackers gave google the perfect excuse to turn on its previous claims. I would damn well hope that google made a profit in china, censorship or not. Google still has a business to run.

    There is nothing “evil” about this.

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