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Read Chris Anderson’s FREE for free (plus the cost of the time you’re giving up to read it)

I met Chris Anderson back when I was working at Mahalo and he stopped by to tell us about the new book he was working on, FREE.

Well, now, he and his publisher have made the book freely available for reading online via Scribd, which also means that the book in its entirety is embeddable. It’s an entire book that is a commercial for itself and its author, which would seem to be a popular form of self-promotional PR these days. Here you go:

FREE (full book) by Chris Anderson


Evidently, if 288 pages is too long for you, you can pay to listen to an abridged version of FREE that isn’t free and that is half as long. Very amusing.

Make sure you also read this very important related-reading from Mark Cuban about living and dying by free.