Several commenters on my last post noted that they ordered the iPhone 3G S on the day it was announced, just as I did, that they ordered the white version, just as I did, and that their Apple Store Order information has been stuck at “Prepared for shipment” for several days now with little hope of a delivery tomorrow.

So the big question is: Is there a shortage of White iPhone 3G S that is resulting in none of us who ordered them receiving them tomorrow OR is this simply a glitch in Apple’s order system where it’s not updating the shipping information on iPhone 3G Ss that happen to be white and the iPhone is actually on its way? UPDATE: The answer is neither. We’re just impatient. It looks like they all shipped via FedEx from Memphis, TN. So everyone should be receiving their iPhones as scheduled.

As soon as Apple’s customer support offices are open for business, I’m going to call them and find out what’s going on, so check back later for an update.

UPDATE: memtn901, a commenter on my previous post, spoke with Apple this morning:

I just talked w/apple re: my 3gs WHITE 16gb. Order date Jun 8 7:53 PDT. Status: Prepared for Shipment.

Apple says they would still fulfill the order. I asked if they bulked shipped the 16g White phones and are fulfilling overnight from the US (cause this seemed to be the only way to get my phone here in time). He didn’t have a clue. He just kept repeating that management has assured him that all orders that say deliver by Jun 19 will deliver. I suggested if I didn’t have a tracking number tonight I might get in the queue at an att store (i’m a new att customer). He said my order might knock out my $199 eligibility. UGGGHH!!!

My guess is that the white iPhones aren’t shipping from China, but are sitting in warehouses nearby to be overnighted. Either that or Apple just stopped updating their systems regarding shipments of the white iPhones due to some glitch.

I’m currently on hold with Apple Support to see if I can get some more answers and will update again shortly.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Apple. The support person I spoke with kept saying “According to my system, it will arrive by the 19th”; and then he said I could log in to my account on Apple.com and see the same message, which makes me think that they’re working straight from the same screen as we are and have no real clue. He also said that tomorrow “was going to be crazy” and there were Apple stores that were only getting 1000 iPhones when 2000 people had pre-ordered. When I asked him why everyone that I’ve talked to who has ordered a white iPhone 3G S has their order stuck in “Prepared for shipment” whereas other people have shipment notifications, he at first said he didn’t know why that would be that way, then he asked me how I knew this (I answered “just talking to people online”; him: “oh. okay”), and then he said that “I don’t know, maybe the white ones are more rare or something.” So again, I asked him, so it’s going to be here tomorrow, and he fumbled saying “Yeah, according to my system, it delivers by the 19th so it should ship either today or tomorrow… well, probably today since tomorrow is the 19th.” Translation to all of the above: No one in Apple Support has any clue about whether or not your iPhone 3G S will arrive tomorrow and evidently there are shortages expected for pre-orders that have already been placed at some of the Apple Stores.

I predict my iPhone 3G S doesn’t arrive until next week sometime.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Grimlock in the comments below notes that his white iPhone 3G S just shipped from Memphis, TN. So maybe the white ones will all ship today.

FINAL UPDATE: I just got shipment notification! It’s on its way!

16 thoughts on “White iPhone 3G S: Not shipping or Apple technical glitch? – UPDATE

  1. ck….When you have questions or need hands-on technical support for your Mac, iPod, Apple TV, or iPhone, you can get friendly, expert advice at the Genius Bar in any Apple Retail Store. That’s who you need to talk to…

  2. I ordered a white 3G S and just now got a shipping notification. I see now why I didn’t get one earlier. It’s shipping from Memphis, which is only 70 miles from my current location, via FedEx overnight.

  3. Still no word on my White 3gs 16G…but it would make sense that Apple is using FedEx’s fulfillment service here in Memphis. I thought it was out of character for Apple to be shipping UPS anywho. Still hoping for an iPhone manana. I gotta quit obsessing. I’m embarrassed.

    1. I’ve been obsessing all week myself, as is evidenced by the multiple posts about it on this blog and my multiple iPhone 3G S related twitter updates.

  4. wooo hoooo! just got notice my white 16gb 3gs is shipping via FedEx from Memphis, (to Memphis) and delivery promised by 3:00 pm. (!!!???) what’ll i do till then? oh, that’s right. I’ve got a job.

  5. I got my notification early this morning. It IS being shipped from Memphis to arrive here by 3 PM!

  6. i live in California and i ordered my white iphone on saturday. i received an e-mail confirmation that stated that my iphone is at the store ready for pick up tomorrow. nothing is being delaYed, we’re just impatient Americans LOL

  7. Okay – check this out I ordered my white 3gs 16Gig on friday the 24 th of June – I initial ship date was to arrive no later than July 2nd – said it was prepared for shipment now they retracted that say not yet shipped and change the expected date to the 6th of July. Go figure 2 day after I had ordered the local store received their shipment. So bummed that I could have received sooner if I would have waited. Apple just took my extra 10$ because now who cares about the 2-4 day shipping.

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