preparedI thought my iPhone 3G S was going to ship out on Monday like everyone else’s did, but no. It’s stayed there unshipped all Monday and all yesterday, until yesterday its status suddenly changed to “Prepared for shipment.” Now it’s been “prepared for shipment” for more than 24 hours. It still hasn’t shipped.

All the privileged press who are in bed with Apple have had their time with the new iPhone for a while now and a whole slew of reviews emerged today with the official release of the iPhone OS 3.0 and the lifting of all those embargoes at about 11am ET today. Some people are bitter about this, and I can’t say I blame them.

The people who all thought they were going to get their iPhones a day early according to their shipment tracking information were somewhat surprised to find that delivery was being held until the 19th because


Of course, none of these receivers requested this. Evidently UPS, like the privileged press who have been fondling their iPhone 3G Ss for a while now, is also in bed with Apple.

And this brings us back to my poor iPhone 3G S. It hasn’t even shipped yet. It’s prepared. But it’s just waiting. Will it actually ship and arrive on the 19th or are Apple and UPS too concerned about making sure that the Apple-approved press have their reviews out for two days before actual iPhone 3G Ss begin arriving in regular users’ hands to worry about getting those phones to the customers who ordered them when they said they would? Is this little “hold onto those shipments from China” routine going to prevent my iPhone 3G S from shipping on time to arrive on the 19th?

We’ll see.

updates not really workingAside: It also appears that Apple wasn’t really ready for the onslaught of people downloading the new iPhone OS 3.0, as some people have reported having difficulty downloading, installing, and re-activating their iPhones. Not only that, but a whole slew of apps released updates to be more compatible with iPhone OS 3.0 and those appear to be having problems installing too.

ps—I’m secretly hoping that writing this post magically changes my order status to shipped complete with tracking number, so I can stop thinking about it.

18 thoughts on “Is my iPhone 3G S going to ship in time to get here on Friday?

  1. Mine is also “prepared for shipment” and it has been that way since June 8th!
    I ordered the very first day, and the thing has been in limbo ever since.

    1. I ordered 1 hour after the 3gs was announced and still at “Prepared to Ship”.

  2. For those of you that are in the “prepared for shipment” limbo….
    What color is your iPhone? Mine is white, ordered a full 24hrs before my Dad’s black iPhone. Now his is in Kentucky and mine is still “prepared for shipment” and hanging out in China. Do I gotta pull the race card?

  3. Mine has also sat in limbo since June 8th at 1 pm when I ordered it (shortly after the keynote). Yet a friend of mine who ordered his later has his slated to arrive tomorrow (June 18, Thursday) unless Apple/UPS holds on to it.

    To be fair to Apple, they did say it would arrive June 19th, so holding it till that date isn’t unreasonable. To be fair to us, they did say it would arrive June 19th, so how is my phone going to go from a pallet in China to Illinois in 24 hours?

    1. Mine is a 16Gb black iPhone. I ordered right away on the 8th. I am in Illinois. My order is still in “prepared for shipment” phase, as of Thursday @ 9:30am.

      Maybe mine is on a pallet with “oldblueday’s” order…


      I just got a tracking number from FEDEX. This is strange because the others were coming UPS.
      The origin says Memphis. I suppose there have been pallets and pallets of these things in the US at hub points waiting to go. …and this is apparently what it means to be prepared for shipment.

  4. Perhaps there’s a glitch in their system with the high volume of orders. I too ordered a white 16 gb and it’s been prepared to ship for a couple of days. Hopefully, they all have shipped and it’s just not updating on the site.

  5. I just talked w/apple re: my 3gs WHITE 16gb. Order date Jun 8 7:53 PDT. Status: Prepared for Shipment.

    Apple says they would still fulfill the order. I asked if they bulked shipped the 16g White phones and are fulfilling overnight from the US (cause this seemed to be the only way to get my phone here in time). He didn’t have a clue. He just kept repeating that management has assured him that all orders that say deliver by Jun 19 will deliver. I suggested if I didn’t have a tracking number tonight I might get in the queue at an att store (i’m a new att customer). He said my order might knock out my $199 eligibility. UGGGHH!!!

  6. I ordered a black 3gs 32gig on the 9th and I am still prepared for shipment! Though the order page still sais delivered by 19th! I am not sure but it doesn’t sound logical that they could get the phone here from china in 24 hours! Everyone keep us posted

  7. I ordered my black 16gb right after the announcement. I’ve had the dreaded “not yet shipped” and even worse “prepared for shipment” notices forever. My roommate ordered the same model a day later and he finally received his shipping notice today that it will be delivered tomorrow. I called Apple this morning and they verified that indeed my iphone will be delivered tomorrow by FedEx, same as my roommates. My shipping status will be updated this afternoon and I will be able to print my pre-sign notice at that time. PHEW!!! What a relief.

    1. Good idea on the pre-sign notice. So it sounds like Apple probably had a store of the units sitting in Memphis waiting for shipping today. I’m still waiting for my shipment notice and tracking info.

      1. That’s what was most concerning me was that darn pre-sign authorization form. I could understand that there was a technical problem with the shipping status updates due to the first orders rushing in after the announcement. But without the shipping notice, the pre-sign wouldn’t become available to post for the delivery guy. I’ve read many posts on other boards where theres is coming via UPS. Who knows what’s going on. I’m just ready for this knot in my stomach to go away from all this Apple drama. lol

  8. I am glad to hear this is the case. I rembered when I ordered my mac pro they del by date kept being pushed back I ended up getting it 2 weeks after they originally said I would.

    Btw anytime I order anything from apple with a rush del it comes out of memphis. That’s the location of FedEx’s headquarters and main US Hub, so not suprising from there they can gaurentee next day by 5pm anywhere.

    Here is praying I get shipping conf. Soon.

  9. Just received my shipment confirmation finally! It’s shipping overnight via FedEx from Memphis. Delivery by 3pm tomorrow. Woohoo!!! No more “preparing for shipment” purgatory!

  10. When i check the status of my iphone on the AT&T site it says “In progress”. Am i looking at the wrong place or…..

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