There is one very magical thing that Amazon lets you do when purchasing content for reading on your Kindle, Kindle 2, Kindle DX, Kindle for iPhone, or even for reading in Kindle for iPhone on your iPod touch. You can choose to send the item wirelessly to your Kindle, Kindle 2, Kindle DX, iPhone, or iPod touch:


If Apple were to add a simple “Send wirelessly to:” button with a drop down selection where you could pick which of your Apple devices you wanted to send the file to whether the file was a new podcast subscription or episode, a song, a TV show or movie, or an application from the App Store, it would be pure genius.

When I first bought my Kindle 2, I bought several books and subscribed to several periodicals before it arrived and chose “Send wirelessly to: C.K.’s Kindle.” When the Kindle arrived and I turned it on, it synced with Amazon’s servers and as if by magic, all the items I’d purchased were on the device ready for me to read. Imagine if I could do the same thing with my iPhone 3G S that is currently waiting to be shipped. What if I could launch iTunes right now, check the boxes of a bunch of iPhone apps that I already own and select “Send wirelessly to C.K.’s iPhone 3G S”? What if I could launch iTunes right now and buy things to send directly to that new iPhone?

Sure, I can always purchase the items now and sync with my computer once the 3G S arrives, but that’s not magically nice in the same way that Amazon letting you send things back and forth to different devices is magically nice. Even if Apple could only allow it to work when the iPhone is connected to the internet over WiFi, it would still grab a little bit of that magic. Apple would do well to think about some solution similar to Amazon’s.

Also, if Amazon is smart, they should be working on an iPhone app to handle AmazonMP3s, not just for purchasing them via the iPhone, but so that you can choose “Send MP3 to C.K.’s iPhone” and make that purchase from your computer.

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  1. That said, it is increasingly irritating that friends can’t purchase a book and send it to my Kindle.

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