UPDATE: Since I originally wrote this post, news has popped up that Sony may actually be offering a UMD to digital download transfer program that would allow one to play one’s old games, although this program is only currently in its early planning stages.

I‘ve been thinking about the PSP Go and the more I think about it, the more I realize it’s a total rip off. $80 more than a regular PSP just for portability?

I mean, sure, it was the only real hardware announced at E3, people were excited when the news about it leaked (including me), and a bunch of people are still talking about the PSP Go’s October arrival.

If I didn’t already have a PSP, the idea of going UMD-less would be cool, but since UMD isn’t going anywhere and Sony hasn’t offered a way for me to port all my old games to the PSP Go (UPDATE: There are hints that Sony may be considering offering a good will trade in program that will exchange UMDs for digital downloads for people who want to upgrade. Color me flabbergasted!), Sony is basically charging more money for a device that has a smaller screen. I’m also unsure if the controls will work as well as they do on the current PSP or if the slide out screen lacking any sort of way to angle it will change the way you go about playing games. On the current PSP, the screen moves directly with the controls which are to either side of the screen. On the PSP Go, the controls are below the screen, similar to the way they are on a Nintendo DS, but with no pivoting screen that means you’re holding your wrists at a slightly different angle than you’re used to with the PSP for optimal viewing. I think.

Video of the PSP Go from Joystiq is embedded below.

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