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Comic book grammar and tradition via Daring Fireball.

Make your own font from your handwriting… although I am somewhat concerned about the ‘signature’ field.

Om’s tweet that popped up on FriendFeed and started a discussion about Google’s lack of ideas that Matt Cutts responded to in the thread and on his blog. I don’t think they don’t have good ideas. I think they have too many ideas and they never follow through and make something truly great anymore (as I noted here). Aside: Also, why can’t you permalink to comments on FriendFeed? UPDATE: Om replied to Matt Cutts’ reply.

Also, I bought this pdf book about designing for the web after reading Jon Hicks’ blog post praising it highly. Haven’t started reading it yet though.

I also ordered Joe Blum’s Sketch Infectus and since I preordered before February 5th, I’m getting an original sketch from his sketch book. You can do the same if you order before the 5th.

Also, it would’ve sucked to be this guy. What kind of batteries are they selling in China anyway?!

I got an email this morning notifying me that Paul’s Boutique remastered version is for sale and the new website is live. Site looks cool; I need to download this album. Beasties rule.

Also, I need to upload more videos to YouTube and update the medium rectangle over in that column —> with something newer than that video of my parrots.

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