The press conference announcing the T-Mobile G1 running Google Android is streaming live now. If you cannot watch now, the site notes that a On Demand version of the video will be available after the event.

There’s lots of cool HTC Dream/G1 buzz going on around the webs and I thought I’d just list some of the cooler links I found:
tnkgrl Mobile: Apple IPhone 3G vs. HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1—actually does a size comparison between the G1 and the iPhone using some resizing of graphics on her screen.
TechCrunch: Specs leaked before the event
New Tork Times piece on HTC and the Google Phone
Gizmodo: Amazon mp3 Store preloaded on HTC G1

So what do you think? Has the iPhone-killing platform arrived? I personally doubt it, but then again, I didn’t think the iPhone would be as amazing as it is. I later realized how wrong I had been.

One thing’s for sure: watching the live stream announcement, these guys definitely aren’t Steve Jobs. *yawn*

More details on the T-Mobile G1 can be found on Obsessable.

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