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Wow. Check this out. I first spotted this here and here (although for some reason those posts don’t show up on Eliot’s main page, just in his feed).

In any case, I just want to reiterate my thoughts on this. The title of this post is the code key needed to unlock HD-DVDs and Blu-ray DVDs and it caused a mini-Digg revolution yesterday when Digg decided to censor posts with the code in it. Read Ryan’s post for a really good take on this. The DCMA and all DRM does absolutely nothing to curb piracy. All these things do is inconvenience the consumer, impede our ability to use things that we’ve purchased under fair use, and enable a lot of snake-oil salesman (ie, everyone in the DRM industry) to sell a bad product to companies that haven’t taken the time to address the problems they are facing in today’s market from a realistic standpoint. They’d rather buy the snake-oil, take the quick fix, and offload the burden of this on the law-abiding people who buy their products and make them money without ever solving the real problem of all the people trafficking in illegal copies of DVDs for $10 a pop down in Chinatown in NYC and around the globe. The large-scale piracy rings are who they should be putting in their sights. Not their beloved consumers. Also, if I buy / rent another DVD that has that *STUPIDLY INSULTING* commercial about how I shouldn’t steal movies, I’m really going to flip out. I mean, hello. I just bought the movie. WHY ARE YOU LECTURING ME ABOUT STEALING WHEN I’M ONE OF THE GOOD CUSTOMERS. Get a clue. Stop all this bullshit. Every DRM you build will be circumvented and publicized. That’s the world you’re living in now. Come join us in it and stop punishing your customers.

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  • Victor Agreda Jr 5/2/2007, 10:47 am

    It really hit home for me when my shiny-new copy of Casino Royale wouldn’t play on my Mac. At first I thought my drive was going bad (typical user response to a system they don’t understand– blame one’s self). Turns out, Sony is using that jackass DRM so the tools from 6 months ago that are used to copy DVD’s won’t work.

    Thanks Sony! (jerks) DRM is poop.

  • Eliot 5/2/2007, 2:04 pm

    Those posts are in the linkblog under my bio.

  • c.k. 5/2/2007, 4:41 pm


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