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This is a good discussion with Ilan Stavans, “the renowned critic of Latino and Latin American literature and culture, and the author of the controversial dictionary, Spanglish.” ThoughtCast looks like it will actually be a podcast to which I will listen regularly.

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9 Responses to “Academic” podcast

  1. Hi C.K.,
    Thank you for your comments! If you have any free time (yeah, right) you can always participate! I would welcome the help.
    –Jenny Attiyeh

  2. c.k. says:

    Free time? What’s that?

    Kidding aside, count me interested in spite of not having any free time.

  3. Hi C.K.,
    Are you interested in any of the upcoming guests? The interviews with Carol Bundy and the 2 Virgil scholars are already done, but I could use any synopses/questions/themes/ contexts you might have on Robert Pinsky? Richard Parker? Anthony Appiah? Bernard Bailyn? Alan Wolfe? The list never ends…

  4. c.k. says:

    Cool. I don’t actually have the time right now, but in a month, I will check out the upcoming guests and start firing some synopses/questions/themes/contexts your way.


  5. Sounds like a plan!!
    And thank you.

  6. Hi C.K.,
    It’s me again! You totally made my 4:54 a.m.! Thank you. I was out walking the dog, and then I needed to send an e-mail, and of course check in on the stats for my nascent ThoughtCast program, and wow. Hits coming from the sky, thanks to you! I do want to assure you that there will be more interviews to listen to than just the one with Ilan Stavans, although it’s been lonely for quite some time now. I am in the middle of editing an interview on Virgil’s least well-known poem, The Georgics, which was just translated by the poet David Ferry, as well as an interview with the complicated and craggy Samuel Huntington. I do not wish to let you down, now that you’ve spoken well of my show — in indelible ink!
    Thank you again,
    P.S. I’m still looking for some volunteer readers. In about a month, I’ll be interviewing the Oxford philosopher Simon Blackburn. It would be fun to read his books, I would think! Just a thought…. Perhaps your followers might be interested?

  7. c.k. says:

    My followers! Sounds scary.

    Anyway, you’re welcome for the linkage. Thanks for the great podcast. I look forward to the next episode.


  8. Frutty says:

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    Too many errors!

  9. nakia0999 says:

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