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And that is why Google Wave is, and will continue to be, a flop

Gina Trapani, probably the greatest cheerleader for Google Wave’s success, today starts off a post about Wave, titled Frequently Asked Questions about Google Wave, with this very insightful sentence: “Even folks usually bullish about new technology still don’t understand what … Continue reading

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Short link for this post: http://ck4.us/3y/ Tweet it! I hate spam. I hate stupid, pointless DMs inviting me to join in some stupid game that I don’t have time for with a link acting as Twitter’s version of the much-hated … Continue reading

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Twitter’s new retweet feature is dumb and (mostly) useless

I finally got the new retweet feature turned on on my Twitter account today, and unlike Twitter lists, I find this to be a horribly designed addition. For example, take a look at this: How does this help me? Why … Continue reading

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Lessig calls it quits

I always hate hearing when bloggers whom I read decide to throw in the towel and quit blogging. They always have their reasons, which are most likely very valid for them, but sitting here, comfortably removed from their actual offline … Continue reading

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Bye-bye, FriendFeed! See you in Facebook

Everyone’s third most popular status update and conversation platform, FriendFeed, is being acquired by the second (or first, depending upon who you ask): Facebook. (More details can be found over on Obsessable). Facebook had already been mimicking some of FriendFeed’s … Continue reading

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