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Overanalyzing Steve Jobs’ grammar gaffe: missing helper verb in iPad presentation

If you’ve actually watched the video of Apple’s iPad Special Event Keynote from yesterday (January 27, 2010), you probably noticed a few unpolished spots, like the Brushes developer being a little nervous with shaking hands while on stage (understandable), the … Continue reading

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New iPod nano to challenge Flip Mino?

Apple’s event occurred today, complete with Steve Jobs, a new version of iTunes with several new features, iPhone OS 3.1.1, price drops on the iPod touch line with a larger model, same for the iPod Classic, the iPod shuffle in … Continue reading

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In Apple’s Defense

Yesterday, I helped proofread my friend Jason’s essay, The Case Against Appleā€”In Five Parts, which is currently top of Techmeme. It’s an interesting take on the state of Apple that you should all read and that I sincerely hope that … Continue reading

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WWDC 2009 predictions – UPDATED AGAIN

UPDATE: The vast majority of the predictions below proved to be off target. A new iPhone 3G S was announced, and I will be getting one. If you missed WWDC 2009, there’s always the streaming video. Otherwise, enjoy my fan-fiction-esque … Continue reading

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My Apple notebook event prediction

So, Apple is having an event today. We’ll be covering it over at Obsessable, so check back there later. However, my personal prediction: the buttonless glass trackpad seen in the spyshots that have leaked online will actually be a multi-touch … Continue reading

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September 9th, 2008 Apple Event Predictions

I tend to agree with this Wired article. The biggest announcement that we will see come out of tomorrow’s Apple Event will be iTunes Subscriptions. Alongside this announcement, there will be a new version of iTunes, iTunes 8, which was … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs’ 17 page obituary

No. Steve Jobs is not dead as of my writing of this blog post. In case you missed this yesterday, Bloomberg ran Steve Jobs obituary by mistake. Evidently, someone was updating it and accidentally clicked the publish button. Oops. Here’s … Continue reading

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