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We now interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging…

Remember all those non-sensical President Bush stumbling through words he couldn’t pronounce Presidential Addresses that interrupted your prime time television watching and made you say things like, “No honey. Nothing’s on tonight. It’s just the President”? Well, this season we … Continue reading

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As a fan of balance of power and checks and balances…

… I’m not sure that the outcome of yesterday’s elections (because it wasn’t only about the President) is all for the best. We’ve gone from too Republican to too Democratic: Believe me, I’m not complaining, but I don’t know if … Continue reading

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My election predictions…

If your candidate wins, you’ll think your vote mattered and feel good about yourself. You’ll also be disappointed in your candidate or some decision your candidate makes in less than 6 months. If your candidate doesn’t win, you’ll think your … Continue reading

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AOL’s largely Republican audience

I visited the new AOL homepage today to see what the Facebook integration was like. It wasn’t horrible, although the big ugly animated medium rectangle ad about removing wrinkles sitting atop the Facebook integration *was* horrible. In any case, there … Continue reading

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Little Known Fact

What do you think this guy’s story is? I think his mouth is open in awe after hearing that McCain chose [[[Sarah Palin]]] as his running mate. More baffled reactions here… Actually, after looking at the drawing some more, it … Continue reading

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