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Foo Fighters concert on Facebook in less than 30 minutes — UPDATE

I linked to this earlier in Twitter, but it looks like I can embed it right here for you to enjoy as well: UPDATE: 10/31/2009—Concert is over but they’re replaying it over and over and the video auto-plays on load, … Continue reading

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I spent the other night building a nice wall of sound using my Korg Kaossilator and my Roland SP-404. Here’s the mp3 of “Noise.” http://media.sampletheweb.com/audio/noise.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (2.9MB)

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Shaimus – Turn the Other Way

Hey! Evan’s in a video: He’s the one who fantasizes about the older woman at work. Congrats on the video! If you’re in LA, make sure you check out Shaimus. They rock.

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Saw Dean Moore and Alex Lasner at Tangier Lounge last night

Kristin and I joined a group of Mahaloans at the Tangier Lounge and Restaurant in Los Feliz last night to see Dean Moore sing with Alex Lasner on guitar. It was a good show; Dean’s a great singer, and Alex … Continue reading

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Prince at Coachella covering Radiohead’s Creep

He cover’s Radiohead’s Creep at [[[Coachella]]]: It’s like you took my two favorite artists and smashed them together. The only thing that would be more awesome is if [[[Thom Yorke]]] walked out on stage and joined [[[Prince]]] in a rendition … Continue reading

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