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Comparative Review: Chess Puzzle Apps for the iPhone and iPod touch

There is a sub-genre of chess apps available for the iPhone and iPod touch that don’t let you play any actual games of chess, but rather give you a starting move and 2 to 3 moves in which you must … Continue reading

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More iPhone chess games…

I‘ve been playing various games on the different chess apps on the iPhone that I’ve installed on my 16GB iPhone 3GS and am in the process of reviewing. I haven’t run any more engine vs engine games yet; the games … Continue reading

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New tripod mount for iPhone 3GS

Jason Quinn took the basic iPhone 3GS tripod mount design that I slapped together a while back with part of the packaging of the iPhone 3GS and some rubber bands, and improved upon it. He explains how he designed his … Continue reading

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Why I think the $99 8GB iPhone 3GS rumors are true

When I first reviewed the iPhone 3GS, I thought it odd that Apple decided to underclock the device and offer it alongside the iPhone 3G at $99. In the first part of my review of the iPhone 3GS on Obsessable, … Continue reading

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Review: Navigon MobileNavigator North America

Review: Navigon MobileNavigator North America—$69.99 until August 15, 2009; $99.99 after Released: June 26, 2009 Developer/Distributor: Navigon AG Genre: Navigation Version 1.0 tested on a 16GB iPhone 3GS I spent the last week with Navigon’s turn-by-turn GPS application for the … Continue reading

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