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Best iPhone 2.0 Applications: BeatMaker

It’s one of the more expensively priced items on the App Store, but BeatMaker ($19.99; direct iTunes link; BeatMaker Official site) is a steal at $19.99 for anyone who has ever wanted an Akai MPC2000. I’ve just tinkered with it … Continue reading

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What’s on your iPhone?

So you have the new 2.0 software installed and you’ve thrown a bunch of applications from the App Store on your iPhone. Tell us: what’s on your iPhone? Here’s a (already slightly outdated) set of screenshots of what is on … Continue reading

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AT&T Customer Support Nightmare: A week without my iPhone…

Friday before this past Friday, I returned home from a friend’s birthday party and was browsing around online before bed. I found a forum on AT&T where several people noted that they’d upgraded to 2.0 with no problem whatsoever even … Continue reading

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iPhone 3G or stick with the first gen?

What would [[[Shakespeare]]] do? To 3G or not to 3G: that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler after July 11th to suffer The contracts and entrapments of outrageous carriers, Or to take arms against locked platforms, And by jailbreaking end … Continue reading

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