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After years of being participant in Chinese censorship, Google stops participating due to security breaches, and the entire internet praises Google for the move?

Really?! I’m shocked to say this, but I agree 100% with Valleywag’s take on this scenario: “Only now, amid executive turnover at Google China and a continued failure to best their state-sponsored competitor there, and after Chinese hackers have endangered … Continue reading

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And that is why Google Wave is, and will continue to be, a flop

Gina Trapani, probably the greatest cheerleader for Google Wave’s success, today starts off a post about Wave, titled Frequently Asked Questions about Google Wave, with this very insightful sentence: “Even folks usually bullish about new technology still don’t understand what … Continue reading

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Google can’t keep a simple automatic door working; do you really think Wave is going to be a success?

Regular readers of this blog will know that I think Google regularly latches on to too many projects, half-asses the majority of them, and only really excels at search. Why? Because search makes Google loads of money via their ad … Continue reading

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Speaking of tone

Gruber posted something yesterday that is at least more like the type of explanation I would expect from a blogger who seems to enjoy lambasting the mistakes of others. Yet Gruber still sort of hides behind his source getting the … Continue reading

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For a blogger who seems to enjoy lambasting others’ mistakes…

…and heralding his own correct assertions, this section of John Gruber’s admission that he was dead wrong about AT&T* being to blame for the Google Voice App not being approved for the iPhone falls a little flat: “Based on Appleā€™s … Continue reading

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Mail and contact import for everyone… unless you’re on Google Apps

Google has released the ability to import old email into Gmail for “everyone” now. Except they haven’t. When I open my Google Apps email, the functionality is still not there. Just like every other new feature that Google rolls out. … Continue reading

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Lessig calls it quits

I always hate hearing when bloggers whom I read decide to throw in the towel and quit blogging. They always have their reasons, which are most likely very valid for them, but sitting here, comfortably removed from their actual offline … Continue reading

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