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And that is why Google Wave is, and will continue to be, a flop

Gina Trapani, probably the greatest cheerleader for Google Wave’s success, today starts off a post about Wave, titled Frequently Asked Questions about Google Wave, with this very insightful sentence: “Even folks usually bullish about new technology still don’t understand what … Continue reading

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Google can’t keep a simple automatic door working; do you really think Wave is going to be a success?

Regular readers of this blog will know that I think Google regularly latches on to too many projects, half-asses the majority of them, and only really excels at search. Why? Because search makes Google loads of money via their ad … Continue reading

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Google Wave reality check

Today Google announced its 5000th product that yet again isn’t part of its core business and, therefore, will most likely not be nearly as impressive or useful as it appears to be at its unveiling: Google Wave (links of interest … Continue reading

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