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How to run your site from your iPhone: Essential iPhone Apps for the Mobile Webmaster

There are several extremely useful iPhone apps out there that I use to keep my site running and that will help you not only post to your blog while on the go, but also manage server end things when you’re … Continue reading

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Review: Cumulus (S3)

Cumulus (S3)—$3.99 Released: July 14, 2009 Developer/Distributor: Skye Road Systems, Inc./Matt Long Genre: Utility Version 1.1 tested on a 16GB iPhone 3GS I‘m a big fan of Amazon S3 simple storage service. I store all the images and media associated … Continue reading

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Storage in the Cloud: Amazon S3, Jungle Disk, DropBox, and Oosah

For several months now, I’ve been storing gigabytes of my data backed up on Amazon S3 for around $2-3 per month. That includes private buckets that duplicate data I have on my computer, a bucket containing a backup of my … Continue reading

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Just testing uploading to Amazon S3 using WordPress’s built-in upload tools and this Amazon S3 plugin for WordPress. I’m debating mirroring my Flickr account on S3, so that my images will still be in the cloud, but more under my … Continue reading

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