Early observations on having a post featured as an Editorial Pick on Medium

Over the weekend, I wrote an article on Medium that I’d been thinking about for a while. It attracted some attention, and Sunday, a Medium editor contacted me and said:

Medium editorNeat! Kate emailed me and sent me a copy of my article in Word with a bunch of edits. This including a few paragraphs of cuts that were anecdotes that I thought added some color to the piece.

As a long-time published writer, I’m very familiar with edits, so this wasn’t a problem for me; however, as a new medium that seems to have it’s origins in blogging and social networks, this editorial innput felt a bit odd and misplaced. I mean, I used to run The Unofficial Apple Weblog. I was a “professional” blogger for years, where the whole point was to crank out the information faster and better than anyone else, slight stylistic wordiness here and there be damned. This editor input on a post that I’d written gratis for fun seemed very misplaced. Note: I’m not complaining here; I’m just making an observation.

So that’s my first observation. My next observation after being featured on the homepage of Medium for over a day is that Medium still doesn’t get much traffic (and they don’t appear to have the most precise tracking tools in place):

Stats for my Medium piece. Meh.

Stats for my Medium piece. Meh.



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My First Post on Medium: Never Volunteer for the Away Team

I just published my first piece on Medium.

LESSONS LEARNED: Never volunteer for the away team. Alternate title: A brief history of Crowd Fusion, The Daily, and working your way out of a job.

Here’s an excerpt:

But as someone who had dedicated 5 years of his life to this business, who had taken extreme pay-cuts during tough times, and who was betting on this company to win and wanted to be part of the company’s entire narrativeit was a mistake.

Never volunteer for the away team.

It’s a pretty cool platform, I think.

UPDATE: After a few edits, Medium decided to feature my post in their Editor’s Picks section! Check out story number 2 on their homepage. Huzzah!

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Austin is about to get a lot cooler…

…not because of SXSW (really, that’s a seasonal coolness that the city retains), but because Kristin and I are moving there!.

Chaotic MoonEarlier this week, I accepted the position of VP of Technology with Chaotic Moon. I’ve worked with the team in the past when Crowd Fusion and Chaotic Moon worked together with News Corp to launch The Daily. Any large potential clients out there looking to build a new revolutionary digital periodical? You should contact us. With me as part of Chaotic Moon, we now have the front to back knowledge of a total mobile publishing ecosystem working together in one team. We’ve done it before and can do it again, better now that we’ve been through the experience and know the challenges and pitfalls that you’ll face along the way.

Chaotic Moon is a full service software company, designing and developing solutions for a wide spectrum of devices and interfaces. We provide strategy, design, development, and gaming services to an amazing client list ranging from Fortune 100 companies and the largest entertainment companies in the world to some of today’s hottest start-ups. We do everything from apps from your iPhone/tablets to connected devices to powering the next wave of interfaces in cars.

I’m a big fan of the epic things Chaotic Moon has been up to and am excited to come on board the giant killer robot that is Chaotic Moon and together with our amazing team to help continue to dominate the mobile software space!

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What is “headcase”?

Since Jackson first started talking, he’s had a few words that he’s said that we’ve never been able to decipher what he’s talking about. One of them that he’s saying all the time now sounds remarkably like “headcase”. So this post is just for all the other parents of 3-year-olds out there: What is “headcase”? Any ideas?

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Copyright reform protest petition: Release Happy Birthday to You from Copyright!

I just started a petition on the White House Petitions site, We the People. Will you sign it? http://wh.gov/wYqr

Here’s my reasoning: We all sing “Happy Birthday to You” constantly. Our television shows and movies religiously avoid using the song, because supposedly it’s still under copyright. According to this paper, though, it really shouldn’t be. And, by the way, if it actually is, it’s a great example of how broken our copyright system is to the point where it actually works against a fundamental part of our culture: freedom of expression and sharing and singing Happy Birthday to You!

If you agree, please sign my petition. We need 100,000 people total to get the White House to acknowledge.

Also if you have something to say about this, tweet at me and I’ll add to this discussion section:

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