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Posts having to do with my 12-inch Powerbook.

EVDO StompBox Project

This is cool: EVDO StompBox Project Turn on your laptop, join the network and voila — you’re on the net! It’s just like using a hotspot (such as they have at Starbucks and airports), but it goes anywhere you car … Continue reading

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Skin your Albook’s Interface

Attention to all you theme-heads with an AlPowerBook: | News Albook is designed for owners of Apple’s aluminum Powerbooks, though it works as a professional theme for any Mac user. The extremely complete guiKit includes three theme variants, ten … Continue reading

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Slow Trackpad? Look on the bright side…

The new Powerbooks may have slow trackpads, but at least there’s a bright screen: Several readers note that both the screens, and the backlit keyboards are brighter on the new PowerBook models. While lamenting the slow trackpad speed, Thom Deevers … Continue reading

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Slow trackpads

It looks like the new PowerBooks’ trackpads’ added features may come at the expense of speed.

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New Faster PowerBooks; still G4s

Check this page for all the details on the brand new G4 Powerbooks (which means G5s probably won’t roll out for another 6 months to a year). Besides the faster processors in all three models, two interesting tidbits caught my … Continue reading

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