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Asus Eee PC: Day 3 Comparisons

Check out this picture. My [[[Asus Eee PC]]] next to a 12-inch PowerBook. What’s really crazy is that the Eee has a faster processor. I had total flashbacks today seeing these two computers next to each other. The 12-inch was … Continue reading

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3650 and a 12-inch now part of Sample the Web

So remember how a bastard spam blog took over my old blog’s namespace? Well, I went ahead and used WordPress’s nice Blogger integration to import all my old 3650 and a 12-inch posts, so that site is now part of … Continue reading

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I don’t normally “narq” on people, but I’m a little ticked off. As you may remember, I was selling Kristin’s old 12-inch PowerBook on ebay. The auction had about 3 buyers bidding on it, things were looking good and at … Continue reading

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Motorola RAZR V3+Bluetooth+Powerbook=Bad Ass

This works well: For those of you that also have a RAZR V3 (or are thinking about getting one), this is the info you need to make it work with Cingular as a Internet gateway for your Mac via Bluetooth. … Continue reading

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It’s ALIVE! Dead PSP Revisited

So, remember the other day, when I mentioned that I fried my PSP? Well, it turns out that I only fried the ability to charge it / run it off the AC adapter. Evidently, you shouldn’t plugin the PSP without … Continue reading

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