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SuperChirp! Subscription-based Twitter service

I just signed up for SuperChirp!, a new subscription model Twitter service that I saw discussed over on TechCrunch. I’m suspicious of how many non-celebrities will make any money off of this (you know because we’re not the soft, chewy … Continue reading

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Pandora in Fluid is better than Pandora Desktop app

If you’ve never heard of Pandora before and you like music, you should stop whatever you are currently doing and check it out. Pandora is currently in the news for a new premium service, Pandora One, that for $36 a … Continue reading

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 for OS X

You probably saw the news earlier that Microsoft officially released Internet Explorer 8 at noon eastern time today. You probably also know that there is no OS X version of the software because there hasn’t been an OS X version … Continue reading

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Which netbook is the right netbook to buy?

So I, as you all know, have a first generation Asus Eee PC that I’ve hacked, broken, and rebuilt a few dozen times and which is now a nice little hackintosh machine running Tiger that only connects to the internet … Continue reading

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Things I wanted to try to do this weekend…

…but which I haven’t started yet and will need to be crammed into the rest of today or left for next weekend: 1. Attempt to install OS X on my Asus Eee PC 2. Install a version of Linux on … Continue reading

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