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Short link for this post: Tweet it! I hate spam. I hate stupid, pointless DMs inviting me to join in some stupid game that I don’t have time for with a link acting as Twitter’s version of the much-hated … Continue reading

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Effects of a Mashable post on Twitemperature’s traffic

So, Mashable mentioned Twitemperature on Saturday. Here’s some basic traffic data according to Google Analytics from the past three full days (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) to give you an idea of the type of traffic Mashable can point in your … Continue reading

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Mashable talks about Twitemperature

Twitter’s ability to virally spread ideas has given rise to many fads. The latest to set Twitter abuzz: gauging your “Twitemperature“, a mysterious measure of your engagement in the community. Who then, is the world’s hottest Twitter user? via My … Continue reading

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Twitemperature: We’re number 1!

Gotta love being the first site mentioned in a list of Five Awful Sites Built on the Twitter API! I’m just honored that Twitemperature was mentioned in the same breath as Cursebird. I could watch that site for hours (if … Continue reading

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