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Sony surprises with possible UMD transfers for the PSP Go

Sony ‘s Director of Hardware Marketing, John Koller, told Gizmodo that Sony is considering offering owners of current PSPs downloadable versions of their current UMD games should they decide to purchase a PSP Go. Koller told Gizmodo: “We’re in the … Continue reading

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An overpriced, smaller-screened PSP that doesn’t play all your old games: PSP Go

UPDATE: Since I originally wrote this post, news has popped up that Sony may actually be offering a UMD to digital download transfer program that would allow one to play one’s old games, although this program is only currently in … Continue reading

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PSP Go leaked with pictures and video

UPDATE: On June 2nd at E3 2009, Sony officially announced that the PSP Go is real and will be available in North America for $249 on October 1st, 2009. Original post continues below: The PSP Go has leaked, and I’m … Continue reading

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And yet it still sucks…

Mashable has a post called Fring Delivers the Most Impressive VoIP and IM Client for iPhone so Far. That “so far” is very important here. Fring is another “sign up for our account and sign up for your other IM … Continue reading

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Early Christmas: New PSP

Kristin picked me up from work today wearing the boots I bought her for Christmas that she wasn’t supposed to open yet. As a result, I arrived home and ripped open my new white PSP slim Rebel Assault edition (complete … Continue reading

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