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Bears vs Babies arrived! #bearsvsbabies

Friday, my order of Bears vs Babies finally arrived. Jackson misremembered the game’s name as “Robots vs Babies” but he’s been asking me steadily about it since I first told him that I backed the Kickstarter. This is what it … Continue reading

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Angry Dad Gamer in Austin recap, a note on acting & the Moontower Festival

I tweeted about this earlier in the week, but this past Monday, I was on Victor’s show, Angry Dad Gamer, playing Halo The Master Chief Collection and chatting. We also announced my bid for the Presidency of The United States … Continue reading

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PS Vita Review

Review in short: The Sony PS Vita (WiFi Version | 3G Version) is hands down, the best mobile gaming device ever. The gaming provided by this small, lightweight and portable device is on par with the leading console gaming platforms … Continue reading

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Project Natal’s Kudo Tsunoda vs 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander — CORRECTED

I saw this post over at Engadget about Project Natal for XBox, and immediately thought that Natal’s lead developer, Alex KipmanKudo Tsunoda (thanks to Seraphina for pointing out my misidentification in the comments below) either is styling himself after 30 … Continue reading

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Galactic Warfare: Star Wars-themed COD4-mod from BlackMonkeys

I wish that the makers of COD4 and Lucasfilm would work with these guys to actually release something like this as DLC upgrade to all COD4 versions (especially on the XBox 360). Check out this Galactic Warfare gameplay video: Besides … Continue reading

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iPhone Chess Apps: Caissa Pro vs Chess Genius, Round 1

I just finished pitting Caissa Chess Pro and Caissa Puzzles version 3.0.1 ($7.99; direct iTunes link) playing as White against Chess Genius ($9.99; direct iTunes link; pictured above) playing as black, with both apps set at their highest settings and … Continue reading

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Review: The Deep Pinball

Review: The Deep Pinball—$0.99 Released: August 1, 2009 Developer/Distributor: OOO Gameprom Genre: Game Version 1.0 tested on a 16GB iPhone 3GS If you enjoy playing Wild West Pinball (don’t have it? It’s free! Get it now and try it out! … Continue reading

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