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So I had my FitBit One for all of one week. I had it attached to the supplied clip that was attached to my belt yesterday. When I arrived home and went to take it off my belt, I discovered that the actual FitBit One had at some point disappeared from the supplied belt clip.

The belt clip itself is still fully intact and I had observed the FitBit nicely secured in the belt clip for most of the day yesterday, so I have no idea how it would disappear as it did, other than by the supplied belt clip being defective / poorly designed and not really adequate for keeping the FitBit One contained during strenuous activity (especially disconcerting given that my strenuous activity last night was dinner and drinks with friends in celebration of an engagement).

Any chance of a replacement?


C.K. (note I also submitted this to your support email address; screenshot attached).


Dear C.K.,

Thank you for providing us with your information. Your replacement Fitbit One is now being processed. Your confirmation number is ******.

To link your replacement One Tracker to your profile, please follow the steps below:

1. Open Fitbit Connect.
2. Select “Set Up Device”
3. On the next screen, select “Existing User” and login with the email account you used with your previous One.
4. Once the software is running, and you’ve signed up for or logged into your Fitbit account, it will search for your One.
5. When your One has been found, a 4 digit code will appear on your One’s display, and the Fitbit Connect software will prompt you to enter that number.
6. After entering the number, your One’s information will be connect to Connecting to One will take up to 30 seconds.

Once your One is linked to, you can log into and go to your Dashboard to see all of your synced data.

Thank you for your time and patience with this. We hope you enjoy your new Fitbit One!