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Thinking about Academic uses of podcasting…

The Librivox project, mentioned below started me thinking on different ways to use podcasts in an educational setting, beyond the expected use as an “audio lecture.” I have presented several papers at conferences that I haven’t ever posted online, as … Continue reading

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Phil Windley talks about Howtoons, which Doc linked to over a week ago, but I lost the link in the shuffle: One of the fun things I discovered at OSCON was Howtoons, a collection of cartoons that teach kids how … Continue reading

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Pedagogue blog going well

Pedagogue blog is going well, although there are a few bumps along the way due to Edublogs being built upon the still-in-alpha WordPress MU. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see how my posting over there is already garnering replies from within … Continue reading

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Instructional Technologist

I don’t normally talk about my job on this blog, but I’ve recently changed jobs from Lab Supervisor / Coordinator to Instructional Technologist. I’m excited about this transition as the new position is more involved with the education side of … Continue reading

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Pedagogue blog

I just launched Pedagogue blog, over at Edublogs, which looks to be a great free resource for educators interested in blogging. Here’s the entirety of my first post: “…I’ve decided to name this space, “Pedagogue blog.” Hopefully, I will be … Continue reading

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