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So I had my FitBit One for all of one week. I had it attached to the supplied clip that was attached to my belt yesterday. When I arrived home and went to take it off my belt, I discovered that the actual FitBit One had at some point disappeared from the supplied belt clip.

The belt clip itself is still fully intact and I had observed the FitBit nicely secured in the belt clip for most of the day yesterday, so I have no idea how it would disappear as it did, other than by the supplied belt clip being defective / poorly designed and not really adequate for keeping the FitBit One contained during strenuous activity (especially disconcerting given that my strenuous activity last night was dinner and drinks with friends in celebration of an engagement).

Any chance of a replacement?


C.K. (note I also submitted this to your support email address; screenshot attached).


Dear C.K.,

Thank you for providing us with your information. Your replacement Fitbit One is now being processed. Your confirmation number is ******.

To link your replacement One Tracker to your profile, please follow the steps below:

1. Open Fitbit Connect.
2. Select “Set Up Device”
3. On the next screen, select “Existing User” and login with the email account you used with your previous One.
4. Once the software is running, and you’ve signed up for or logged into your Fitbit account, it will search for your One.
5. When your One has been found, a 4 digit code will appear on your One’s display, and the Fitbit Connect software will prompt you to enter that number.
6. After entering the number, your One’s information will be connect to Connecting to One will take up to 30 seconds.

Once your One is linked to, you can log into and go to your Dashboard to see all of your synced data.

Thank you for your time and patience with this. We hope you enjoy your new Fitbit One!


The return of Get Fit with Fat C.K. – Day 1

It’s time to get back into shape:

That’s day 1.

This week Ceros is moving into new offices down near Union Square and the #1 item on my personal agenda is to find a gym in the area that I can start going to to shed some weight and get back to fighting fit. Anyone have any good recommendations? Any places with punching bags / boxing facilities? Let me know.

I have to shape up so I can win a bet against @simonberg that I can bench press more than him (I sort of think I could maybe do one rep now, but that’s just because I have the largest ego on the planet, methinks). 8 weeks to get into shape. The gauntlet has been publicly thrown, down, Si. ;-)

Video of me using my Wii Fit

To say that I’m not proud of this video would be a lie, as I am at least somewhat proud of it. However, to say that I’m somewhat ashamed and embarrassed by it would also be accurate:

More info about it can be found on this post about the Wii Fit and you should also take a look at our page on the Wii Balance Board.


Also, here’s all the Daily Obsessions to date via our Obsessable Blip.TV channel:

Getting Fit with Fat C.K.: The Return

I’m getting back in the saddle on getting into shape. The Wii workout didn’t cut it and I couldn’t maintain it, because there is only so much of your wife walking in and laughing at you for working out with a video game that one can take, and only so much a wife can do to avoid making fun when she’s trying to be supportive, given such absurd circumstances. In any case, I’ve decided to go back to the only thing that ever really worked at keeping me in shape: kicking my ass with a hardcore boxing workout.

So, at the end of every workday at Mahalo, I’m going to start kicking my ass into shape. I started Monday and I’ve been sore ever since. Today will be day two (I had to take yesterday off, as we have the Mahalo Writer’s Group on Tuesdays where those of us who are interested get together and workshop our fiction writing / screenwriting). I plan on doing this 4 days a week minimum. I eased into it on Monday by doing 12 minutes on the treadmill at a moderate pace with one minute of burst sprinting. I also did jump-rope, but only about 50 or so jumps. That crap is hard when you haven’t done it for years. I also did 400 regular crunches and 50 on each side. It will take me a while to work back up to several thousand crunches per workout, like I used to do when boxing. I also curled 50 pound free weights and bench-pressed with the free-weights too, 50 pounds per hand. 3 reps of 15 with the curls and 3 reps of 10 with the bench-press. Then I did 50 punches with each hand with 5 pound weights. Then I punched with no weights as fast as I could, each hand, 100 punches per rep for 3 reps. I started out with a bunch of stretching and continued to do stretching throughout.

Today, the only place I am really still feeling the burn is in my abs and in my neck and in the muscles right around my elbows. I could already feel the abs making me stand up slightly straighter yesterday. The entire workout took about an hour with a lot of me pausing to gasp for air. Eventually, I’ll work this up to 2 hours after work Monday, Wednesday, Friday and one hour Tuesday, Thursday. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that this is all possible thanks to the mini-gym we have going on here at Mahalo. We have new bathrooms with showers, so I can workout at the end of the day and get cleaned up before I go home. Also, we’re getting a heavy bag, so I can start punching away. Can’t wait!