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Kristin as Beyonce

Because she insisted I do this for her: Advertisements

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deadmau5 MasterClass

Kristin got me deadmau5’s MasterClass in Electronic Music Production as my gift for Christmas. I’ve already completed the entire class, ahead of the recommended schedule, but I think that’s less on me going to fast, and more about the content … Continue reading

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Korg Minilogue + Arp Odyssey on iPad Pro + Apple Camera Connector Kit = Pretty Cool

How to set up your Korg Minilogue to sound like an Arp Odyssey. Continue reading

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Making music

I’ve been playing around with music again. For my birthday, I ordered Teenage Engineering’s Factory OP-16 synth, which has been fun to tinker with. Here’s a quick series of patterns I slammed together into a track on it: [soundcloud url=”″ … Continue reading

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Foo Fighters concert on Facebook in less than 30 minutes — UPDATE

I linked to this earlier in Twitter, but it looks like I can embed it right here for you to enjoy as well: UPDATE: 10/31/2009—Concert is over but they’re replaying it over and over and the video auto-plays on load, … Continue reading

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Beastie Boys tour cancellations and album release delayed due to Adam Yauch cancer surgery

I just received an email from the Beastie Boys (I’m a fan) with the subject line “HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM”, linking to their site where Adam Yauch and Adam Horovitz announce that they have to cancel sections of their … Continue reading

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What Apple should learn from Amazon

There is one very magical thing that Amazon lets you do when purchasing content for reading on your Kindle, Kindle 2, Kindle DX, Kindle for iPhone, or even for reading in Kindle for iPhone on your iPod touch. You can … Continue reading

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