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Feed people

If you’re a fortunate person, like myself, with a career, a family, and a house, the next time you’re walking down the street, you’re not in a hurry to one of the multiple demands on your life, and a homeless … Continue reading

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Home Office in 2016 (now with more kids!)

For a solid stretch of years, I worked almost exclusively from a home office, both while working at Netscape, during the first part of my time with Mahalo, and then for the early Crowd Fusion years up until we landed … Continue reading

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Apple News

This site should now publish to Apple News from now on, in case you want to follow it there. I am planning on updating more often too. This post is just a test post, however, to make sure that the … Continue reading

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My entire life, my father’s birthday following mine in the year always made him 30 years older than me. Today, he would have been 72. But he will always only have been as old as 71. Now only 29 years … Continue reading

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A Curated Public Self vs Privacy Concerns

Over a decade ago, I realized what was happening. All those message boards and web postings of the early internet were starting to be very visible and very tied to my name and what would become “My Online Identity.” I … Continue reading

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Austin is about to get a lot cooler…

…not because of SXSW (really, that’s a seasonal coolness that the city retains), but because Kristin and I are moving there!. Earlier this week, I accepted the position of VP of Technology with Chaotic Moon. I’ve worked with the team … Continue reading

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New camera strap from

New camera strap from Originally uploaded by C.K. Sample III. Although I liked the Couch Camera Strap that I got a few weeks back, I found at its longest, it was still leaving my camera hanging at just above … Continue reading

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