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What’s up, C.K.?

Well, I’ve been twittering. I’ve been playing my new Wii. I’ve also been shopping. I went to Best Buy yesterday and picked up a $20 component switch box, so my HD Cable box, my PS3, and my Wii all reach … Continue reading

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Get Fit With Fat C.K.: The Return

So the first goal set for Get Fit With Fat C.K. failed miserably. I think much of this was because of several bad habits that were built into my Netscape workday (leading a team of individuals on a 24/7 news … Continue reading

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Meatgasm. That is all.

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Happy New Year!

Man… it’s 2007. I remember a time when 2000 sounded so far away. Then again, it’s just tomorrow. I wonder why we’re all so obsessed with counting and time. Probably has something to do with our mortality. In any case, … Continue reading

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Long Island Yesterday

So, yesterday, we shot out to Long Island. I was working on Netscape during the first half of the day, while Kristin went to teach dance and then attended Laura’s baby shower. In the afternoon, Curt took me over to … Continue reading

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