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Feed people

If you’re a fortunate person, like myself, with a career, a family, and a house, the next time you’re walking down the street, you’re not in a hurry to one of the multiple demands on your life, and a homeless … Continue reading

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Meatgasm is alive! (Again)

I’m so happy! The domain that I used to own and which a domain squatter had been sitting on for half a decade freed up again and I got it back. Head over to Meatgasm to follow all my foodie … Continue reading

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Underhills Crossing in Bronxville, NY disappoints

Last night, Kristin and I made the unfortunate mistake of planning our Valentine’s Day dinner at Underhills Crossing Restaurant, which is owned by the Westchester Restaurant Group. When we arrived, there were more tables than are normally present in the … Continue reading

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Mahalo Daily: Deep Fried Turkey

Mmmmm, Turkey: Mahalo Daily » Blog Archive » MD009 – Deep Fried Turkey: More here: [[[How to Deep Fry a Turkey]]] [[[How to Pick a Thanksgiving Turkey]]] [[[Thanksgiving]]] [[[Thanksgiving Recipes]]] [[[Frying]]] [[[How to Make Turducken]]] [[[How to Cook a Turkey]]] … Continue reading

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Deep Fried Bacon

I play a small part in this Deep Fried Bacon video: Read more about it here: How to Make Perfect Bacon – Mahalo

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