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This is a brand new shot of my office at Chaotic Moon. The past year and a half, I’ve been working at a standing desk, but this morning I walked in, grabbed a free chair, removed the four screws from … Continue reading

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It’s very pretty, but… the iPhone 4 is bad design

I really don’t think one can argue, in terms of usability as a phone, that the iPhone 4 is well-designed or in any way a masterpiece. It’s simply plagued by too many design flaws for this to be true. Whoever … Continue reading

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Cool things I’ve wanted to blog about or try, but haven’t had the time…

Link post! Comic book grammar and tradition via Daring Fireball. Make your own font from your handwriting… although I am somewhat concerned about the ‘signature’ field. Om’s tweet that popped up on FriendFeed and started a discussion about Google’s lack … Continue reading

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Alphabet Side Tables

If only I had 1400 quid lying around somewhere, I’d buy two of these Andrew Martin alphabet side tables mentioned at Apartment Therapy today. Of course, I’d still need some wee little period tables for the punctuation in my name, … Continue reading

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