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I am a father, a husband, a blogger, a parrot owner, a pug owner, and the Chief Product Officer for YouEarnedIt. This site has no comments. If you want to talk to me, send me an @cksample on Twitter. If you like this post, feel free to buy me something off of my wishlist.

Body & mind hacking

So as someone who used to help run Hackaday when it was under Mahalo’s wing, led Chaotic Moon’s Labs where we did innovative combinations of technology to think about existing technology in new ways, and contributed to and authored my … Continue reading

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How to use pictures of The MET’s over 200,000 public domain artworks for free

Go here and make sure the Public Domain Artworks filter is selected.┬áDone. The instructions for doing this are here. That page is linked to from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s press release about the images being available for use. I … Continue reading

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Texas Weather

Has weather in Texas always consisted of huge 30-50 degree swings one direction or another in a single day? Have storms always blown through like an apocalypse train? Or is this some newer tendency thanks to global warming and air … Continue reading

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Superb Owl Sportsball

SuperB Owl is one of the common typo search terms each year during the Super Bowl. Sportsball is what Kristin and I call all forms of sports in America, because neither of us particularly care for spectator sports and are … Continue reading

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Feed people

If you’re a fortunate person, like myself, with a career, a family, and a house, the next time you’re walking down the street, you’re not in a hurry to one of the multiple demands on your life, and a homeless … Continue reading

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