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July 4th, 2018

At my mom’s house in Jackson, Mississippi for the holiday.

I slept with the kids in Kevin’s old room last night. First part of the night was okay, but sometime in the middle of the night, Darcy realized I was there and snuggled up next to me, keeping me from fully falling asleep. Then she woke up having to go potty around 5am, then got up right around 6am.

Midmorning, Kevin and I continued our mission of going through my Mom’s attic. Major score this time, besides all the old books that I no longer really care about: Both my old Peavey guitar amp and Kevin’s Bass amp. Both are working, so I am taking them both home with me.

Found my old Peavey amp up in Mom's attic

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Also, found the old school mechanical typewriter that used to be my mom’s (she thinks it’s a 1968) and which I learned to type on:

I learned to type on this

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Best score of the day though was finding 1984 ICE Fellowship of The Ring Board Game fully in tact with all the pieces and figurines:

Also found some old movies from my childhood that I’m taking home with me to digitize.

After that we went to the park with the kids, then pool party at the neighborhood pool, then chilling at my Mom’s. I did a little work, played some Fortnite and relaxed.

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