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July 3 2018

Yesterday on my drive to Mississippi to visit my Mom and brother’s family, I listened to the latest Why We Bleep podcast featuring Scanner. Here’s the thing via YouTube:

Anyway, Scanner has been keeping a daily diary since he was 14 and can look up any entry as an assist to his memory. I used to use this blog similarly, and I thought I should revisit it, so here we are.

Today, I’m in Jackson, Mississippi visiting my family for the week.

Darcy woke up at 4:30. After dealing with her for an hour, Kristin handed her off to me at 5:20. I managed to prevent her from waking anyone else up until about 6:25 when we went downstairs and woke my mother. Despite waking me early, Darcy was sweet and kept telling me how much she loves me, which is the only sane reason to have kids: unconditional love.

Jackson woke up drowsy and was a little morose until midmorning. We had a large bacon, eggs, sausage, biscuit southern mom-cooked breakfast. Then we went to the neighborhood pool and swam for about an hour or so. Came back, had nachos / tacos salad for lunch.

I took a nap. Woke up everyone else went back to the pool, while Mom and I stayed and talked some. Then I did some work and played some Fortnite. Everyone came back, Darcy sunburnt and tired and wanting to sit with me.

We flew some small egg-shaped drones that my mother bought the kids. I flew Jackson’s too high and it went out of range of the controller while going up and literally disappeared into the air over the house. I searched around the neighborhood in the direction it was headed for a bit, but that sucker was gone.

Kevin semi-assembled the landspeeder that we got his kids for early Christmas during Toys R Us firesale. Here’s him driving it back to the garage right before dinner:

My brother, everyone

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Dinner was ham, corn, coleslaw and biscuits. Darcy fell asleep on my belly. Jackson assembled some legos and went to bed. We stayed up watching America’s Got Talent and playing What Do You Meme? Drinking Hendrick’s and Tonic.