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Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard “Rackmount” mod #MoBetterMoPho

On a whim this afternoon, I decided to hack this together:

I decided to rackmount my DSI MoPho Keyboard in my Platform desk.

So far, I’m loving it. All the controls are at a better angle for fiddling with them while I’m playing. It’s part of my desk now, so it’s both taking up less space and my 88 key MIDI controller is actually an upgrade to the small original keyboard. It’s on a hinge, so I can swing it out to change the cabling pretty easily. It’s also dead simple to reattach it all to the original keyboard and chasis (which is sitting in my closet now) with ~10 minutes of plugging things in and screwing. As soon as I get access to my father-in-law’s table saw that is currently in transit from New York, I’m going to actually redo this mod in an all wood angled enclosure similar to the way it’s just sitting there in this picture (although angled to match the angle of the Platform desk so it will slide right in):

So the Z-shape of the bent aluminum actually puts this at a really nice angle just sitting on the desk. Next phase, I'll build an actual wooden desktop box to slide into this slot vs this current barndoor hack