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Replaced the gas cylinder in my Aeron and now it’s working like new

So I’ve had an Aeron chair for my home office for well over a decade and it’s been a great chair, but recently it started just sort of sinking from time to time. Turns out the hydraulic gas piston was giving out. So I ordered this replacement piston for $20 off of Amazon:

It came yesterday, and I found myself watching a multitude of videos on YouTube to try to determine how to remove the old cylinder, which after 10 years of my heavy ass sitting in it, was firmly in place. Turns out all I had to do was load the bugger up with WD-40 and let is sit over night. This morning, I took the pipe wrench to the thing and with a few twists it was free. Then rubber mallet to the bottom to remove it from the base. I slid the new one in, turned the chair back upright sat down and pffffffffffffff

It immediately deflated. I thought the new cylinder was defective at first and began a return for it, but then I noticed that the button on this model was a little taller than the one that I’d just removed. Popped the base of the seat off, loosened the little button depressor with an Allen wrench, and voila!

I put the seat base back on, sat down, and found my old chair sitting firm and tall like it used to back when I first bought it. Not too shabby for $20.

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