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Feed people

If you’re a fortunate person, like myself, with a career, a family, and a house, the next time you’re walking down the street, you’re not in a hurry to one of the multiple demands on your life, and a homeless person asks for money, ask him or her if they want some food. Then walk into the nearest restaurant and then order them something to eat. Ask them their name. Give them the food. Introduce yourself to them, and wish them well.

I’ve started doing this somewhat regularly when I go to lunch or dinner and it’s not amazing, it’s not huge, but it’s something and it makes things better for that person and for me. Tonight I bought James dinner. I have to go back and bring him a blanket tomorrow, because I told him I would.

More of this in the world and we’d be better than we are. We can be better. You can be better. Do it.

UPDATE: I never brought James that blanket. Things got too busy and I didn’t have the time. Sorry, James.

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