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deadmau5 MasterClass

Kristin got me deadmau5’s MasterClass in Electronic Music Production as my gift for Christmas. I’ve already completed the entire class, ahead of the recommended schedule, but I think that’s less on me going to fast, and more about the content lacking substance. Overall I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot of new things, especially from the early sessions in the series, but as the class went on, the subject veered away from a focus on actual electronic music production, and to related topics like the music industry, playing clubs, etc., that really aren’t focused on actually making the music.

Also, there was no return to previously covered topics. It was interesting to hear deadmau5’s take on all these topics, but ultimately it was more like a documentary interview than like an actual class.

The class materials that accompanied each lesson were very sparse one to two page PDFs that read more like the notes you find in Bible Studies than actual class materials: “Think about how Joel talked about resolving and listen to this song and think about how it was constructed.” Also, both deadmau5 himself and the accompanying materials veered far too often into “I’m not going to tell you how to do this, because everyone already talks about this online, so Google it.” Sure, he’s deadmau5 and he’s busy and sort of could give a crap, so it’s fine to a certain extent that that is said multiple times in this celebrity run class by him, but it would have been nice if the people working behind the scenes at MasterClass had actually put the effort in to provide more detailed instructions beyond Google for things he mentioned in passing in class. That’s what happens with actual professors and textbooks, but not here.

All that being said, I’m glad I took the class. I’ll probably continue to “retake” the first 17 classes which were really and truly focused on different parts of producing actual music. However, the last 6 class sessions felt like they could have been covered in one session and we could have had more detailed sessions pulling together all the topics covered in the first 17 classes.

Also, I haven’t yet taken advantage of the offered Office Hours, where I can ask a video question of deadmau5 and he’ll answer. So far, I only see 5 of those from any students and I have no idea what the question to answer ratio may be.

As you can tell from this first rather lame track that I made while taking the class, I have a long way to go: