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On this season of The Apprentice…

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Well, it’s 2017, we have a new President and everyone is surprised and disappointed. I’m disappointed in how surprised everyone is and surprised at how the election of this flawed human being hasn’t entirely shattered the liberal echo chamber many of my very intelligent friends have been trapped in for years.

I am not pro-Trump, nor am I a Republican.

I’m also not a huge fan of Democrats and I voted for Hillary Clinton against my own better judgement. Although, I would love to have a female President, I did not believe she was the right option for that honor. I was not with her; I was just firmly not with him, so I swallowed my ideals and voted for her.

Now I wish I hadn’t, because yet again it was proven to me that my vote doesn’t matter. The system is broken. It’s just getting worse.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Obama. He did lots of good things in his Presidency, was by far the best National Speech Reader that we’ve had in decades, but he never delivered on his campaign promise to shut down Guantanamo Bay, his Presidency was riddled with conflicts with Congress that I felt neither he nor the Republicans involved worked to get around, and he perpetuated a Presidency as Celebrity rhetoric and point of confusion that has been growing in this country since Regan was elected.

His smug disdain for the Republicans locking up Congress, mirrored by so many of my very intelligent friends, had a tone of “oh these children, when will they get with the modern program” that every lower middle class supporter of Republicans heard as yet another judgment on them and their life with no real attempt to understand that life. That is what elected Donald Trump.

Add to that, Obama’s participation in multiple media events, mirroring Clinton’s tendency to play the sax on late night television talk shows, accentuating the happy go lucky Celebrity side of the Presidency, continued our path of confusing the American people with the idea that the President is a Celebrity. So of course, a guy who had a long running series of reality TV shows where he was highlighted as the boss of successful companies won the Presidency thanks to votes from disenfranchised lower middle class individuals that feel like they pay for the poor in this country and no one is looking out for them.

The President is not supposed to be a celebrity. The President is supposed to the ultimate servant to We The People. Obama tried to be that, but unfortunately he also paved the way for this current President.

Our current President, is not by any indication the servant we need. He’s just a celebrity. Here’s hoping that just as Obama was drawn more to celebrity over his career that the reverse happens to Trump. Or he gets impeached swiftly, but then that leaves us with Pence. None of this is good.

So anyway, you may disagree strongly with everything I say and think, but please be polite in your responses. I’d like to start participating in civil discourse again and in a public forum, because I see so little of that modeled for everyone else these days. I’ve re-enabled comments on this post and will begin blogging more regularly again.

Reminder: this is my personal blog. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and no one else’s, and are not reflective of any current or past employers.

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