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Not Deceased

So I’m currently contemplating leaving iOS (at least for my phone usage; I’ll keep my iPad), and moving over to Android again. The motivator? I want to give Google’s Project Fi a try. Of course that means my cellphone options … Continue reading

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A computer of your own…

Make sure you have one. Not your phone, because as computer-y as they are these days, it’s still a phone, and as you grow older your thumb joints will start to hurt from all that odd thumb typing on that … Continue reading

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Blogging again; Join me

I started blogging again this past week. It wasn’t a New Year’s resolution (I gave them up as a New Year’s resolution over a decade ago and I’ve stuck with it). I started blogging again because it’s necessary and important … Continue reading

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A(d hominem)merican Dis(sonance)course

Listen carefully to how you talk about Trump. Listen carefully to how articles who are in disagreement with his policies talk about him. Listen to how he talked about Clinton during the campaign. Do you hear a similarity? If so, … Continue reading

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Unsubscribing from all the things

I really miss the heyday of RSS feeds. After running my own installation of Fever for years (which would periodically get bloated and I’d have to nuke it and start over) and then ultimately moving away from Fever after Shaun … Continue reading

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