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Back to a focus on product with YouEarnedIt…

I just updated my LinkedIn profile with the news that I’m joining YouEarnedIt as Chief Product Officer.

About 3 and a half years ago, Kristin and I moved from New York to Texas for me to start working for Ben Lamm at Chaotic Moon. It’s been a fun ride, I learned a lot, and I got to help a really amazing services company grow from good to great, building an amazing development and quality assurance team along the way. This past summer, looking at the growth of our business and what was needed to take the next steps in growth, the management team at Chaotic Moon, under Ben Lamm’s leadership, decided to sell to Accenture.

This is natural. Businesses evolve and change and need different things as they grow. I’ve had over 12 years of success helping build startups into successful small to midsized companies. I’ve worked my way out of previous jobs in the past, helping a company grow, and while that’s not what happened here, it became clear to me, after losing Alex, and then after Ben left Accenture, that I wasn’t finding the same joy in my work that I used to. Also, in a larger company structure like Accenture, the development and QA team that I built at Chaotic Moon had more room for growth without me there. It was time for me to start thinking about moving on.

So I did, and I have.

Joining YouEarnedIt as Chief Product Officer

Thanks to Guthrie Bunn for the half pound solid brass bottle opener going away gift #youearnedit

I’m overjoyed that I was able to reconnect with Autumn Manning and the YouEarnedIt team. Several months of conversations with Autumn and team culminated in a job offer from them to join as their Chief Product Officer. I’m excited to begin nurturing this already great product into a growing positive force in today’s workforce. From a recent press release, about YouEarnedIt’s new Slack integration and latest mobile release:

YouEarnedIt is a SaaS HR technology platform that redefines the way companies engage with their employees. By providing tools to connect, reward, reveal and report in real-time, YouEarnedIt is able to consolidate employee engagement initiatives into one, easy-to-use mobile platform for teams of all sizes. Since launching in 2012, YouEarnedIt has delivered its flexible software to small enterprises and Fortune 500 brands across several industries.

YouEarnedIt also recently received an investment from Motley Fool to grow their development and product teams, so it’s a great time for me to join the company to assist with that growth. I’ve always tried to position myself in businesses where I think I’m not only helping the business grow, but where the business itself is helping make the world a better place. I think YouEarnedIt’s mission of creating happiness at work is the first business opportunity I’ve had that fully aligns with that “life betterment” focus. I’m also excited to leave the services business grind behind and return fully to a professional focus on product.

Not only that, but the team at YouEarnedIt is a great group of happy people doing good in the world. I was fortunate enough to make some time one night during my last trip to Austin to hangout with my new team and they all welcomed me into the fold with open arms for some fun festivities, including some team-building time spent breaking out of an Austin Panic Room, and some good old-fashioned arm wrestling!
Team Brute Force YouEarnedIt

A little friendly arm wrestling with Chris Rice @youearnedit #iwon #chipower

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If all that sounds amazing to you, you should know that we’re hiring! Check out our YouEarnedIt job postings here.

Kristin, Jackson, Darcy, Misha, Thatcher, and I are all staying in Dallas, but I will be traveling down to Austin regularly now, and we’re all excited about what lies ahead. Stay tuned…